DFBOSS (Deep Fryer Basket Oil Saver Screen) was invented by a restaurant owner who felt that there had a be a better way keep his deep fryer oil clean, reduce the time needed cleaning the deep fryer reservoirs and make the oil last longer.

The DFBOSS is born.

The DFBOSS is a removable screen that sits in the hot oil, under the fry baskets. The screen is designed to catch all of the loose particles that inevitably slip through the fryer baskets. These particles normally drop to the bottom of the deep fryer reservoir and continue to burn, spoiling the oil.

When using the deep fryer screen, the loose food particles are removed by lifting the screen from the oil, using the 370 degree heat resistant handles. Then the particles are discarded into the trash, prolonging the life and quality of the oil.

The DFBOSS also saves hours cleaning the deep fryer by preventing any food particles from collecting on the bottom of the deep fryer and clogging the oil drain valve. Using the deep fryer screen, cleaning is simple, simply open the drain valve and the oil easily runs out.

Quick and easy removal of food particles from the oil not only prolongs the life and quality of the oil, it also stops cross contamination. No more comments that the "french fries have a fishy flavor to them".

The DFBOSS dimension design is a perfect fit inside any size deep fryer reservoir, making for the added use as a substitute deep fryer basket for large orders.

  1. Saves oil life 50% or more.
  2. Filters the oil from debris & crumbs that slips through the deep fryer baskets.
  3. Keeps the oil drain valve clear and free from food particle clog.
  4. Cuts cleaning & changing time of the deep fryer. What previously took 1-2 hours, now takes 10-20 minutes.
  5. Prevents cross-contamination taste of food.
  6. Can be used as a deep fry basket, by itself, for large orders.
  7. Made out of stainless steel, food grade material.
  8. Handles are dipped in a 370 degree heat resistant, nylon coating.
  9. Handles never get hot.
  11. You save money by extending the life of the oil and save cleaning time.
  12. Pays for itself in the first few months of use.
  13. No more burnt oil.

Humble people that found an easy way to save time and money!



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